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    Netball Management Committee (NMC)

    The Netball Management Committee (NMC) is responsible for managing the affairs of the STNA netball competitions, representing the interests of the association.

    The NMC develops policy documents pertaining to STNA netball competitions as required, which are then ratified by the Board of Management.  The NMC also ensures all Code of Behaviour are adhered to and is responsible for administering the STNA Grievance Procedures.


    In the first instance, it is preferable that an attempt to resolve the matter is discussed between team captains, coaches or Club officials prior to lodging a grievance.

    If you feel an incident is not serious enough for an official grievance to be lodged but it needs to be noted or discussed with a player, parent, coach, official or spectator, please feel free to email details of your complaint to the Netball Manager.  This can then be forwarded to Club Presidents of the clubs involved in a game to be dealt with internally as they see fit.

    Official grievances will be dealt with as outlined in the STNA Grievance Procedures (below). 

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    NMC Members

    Monika Andersch

    NMC Chair & Umpiring Convenor

    Bryce Matthews

    Roster Convenor

    Karen Leonard

    Coaching Convenor

    Sue Morrison

    Umpiring Delegate


    Ellie Doyle

    Roster Delegate


    Madi Smith

    Coaching Delegate


    Kellie Williams

    Netball Manager

    Please note:  The STNA Grievance Policy and Form is currently under review.  We hope to have an updated version available for all by the end of April 2023.

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