Introduction to PlayHQ

    Updated: Jan 27

    Just as we've all got used to MyNetball, it's gone, and in its place is the new Netball Australia platform, PlayHQ! If you or your child, play basketball, cricket or AFL, it may already be familiar to you, as many competitions from those sports are also making the move. PlayHQ will be used both for registration and competition management for all Netball Australia affiliated netball in Tasmania. Where do I find PlayHQ? You can go to to have a look around, and if you haven't already, sign up (you'll need to do this if you're going to register). You can find the STNA home page at and the pages for each club by using the search function. You can click on the different competitions and look at the fixtures and ladders. Is there a smartphone app?

    No, there isn't, but you can view the site in a browser on your phone, and save the STNA page as a bookmark on your home screen. PlayHQ comes up really well on a phone, and you won't miss having an app at all. How do I register? Your club will send you a link to register as a player, coach or official. Follow the link and then log in to PlayHQ (or sign up if you haven't already). Choose your registration options and then you'll be asked for payment - you'll be shown the breakdown between fees that go to your club, STNA, Netball Tasmania and Netball Australia. Questions?

    You can contact our Netball Manager John Fox at or if it's a technical issue like being locked out of your login, call 1800 NETBALL.