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    Winter Roster Umpire Allocations 

    Last updated: 20th March 2023

    Round 2            
    Wednesday 22nd March 2023      
      PL  Karana Flames Blue  v  Bye    
    6:10PM Reserve  O Perry  
    Court 05  PL  Cripps Waratah Maroon  v  First National Kingston  E Jones  K Mckeown
    Court 06  21a  E.P.P Palena  v  First National Kingston Blue  J Wallace  L Boulter
    Court 07  w1  Cripps Waratah Black  v  Friends  R Donoghue  Caz Direen
    Court 08  21b  Karana Flames  v  YPTH OHA Gold  E Mollineaux  A Singles
    7:35PM Reserve  S Braslin  
    Court 05  PL  AYC Aurion  v  Karana Flames Red  M Foster  R Donoghue
    Court 06  21a  Stingas 15s  v  Cripps Waratah Blue  K Clow  Mia Visser
    Court 07  w1  Karana Flames  v  Tascon Tigers  Caz Direen  L Woodham
    Court 08  21b  Cripps Waratah Blue  v  Cripps Waratah Black  J Wallace K McMaster
    9:00PM Reserve  K McMaster
    Court 05  PL  Bendigo Bank South East Suns  v  Cripps Waratah Blue  J Adams  L Woodham
    Court 06  21a  Karana Flames  v  Cripps Waratah Black  S Braslin  K Cute
    Court 07  w1  First National Kingston  v  Tassal Huon Valley  M Foster  K Mckeown
    Court 08  21b  E.P.P Palena  v  Kilburn Sky  K Clow  Mia Visser

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