The Stingas program aims to develop players to play Netball ‘The Australian Way’

    ‘Netball the Australian way, is a game of spatial awareness, lightning fast movements, precision passing, dynamic attacking and defending moves, made within a team structure and culminating in spectacular high shots at goal from anywhere within the goal circle. Either in attack or defence, fast hands, fast feet, quick thinking and explosive speed completes the package.’

    Squad members must play club and they must put their club commitments ahead of their Stingas commitments. Squad members are role models to younger players and their peers and as such are expected to act responsibly and speak positively about the program.

    STiNgAs – Development Squad Application Form – 2022


    • Helps STNA players to reach potential to play at the highest level possible

    • Prepares players for both the mental and physical intensity of the next level

    • Develop players by playing in a tougher competition

    • Requires players to be risk takers and to show courage

    • Allows players to become role models

    • Stingas is almost fully funded and is virtually no cost to squad members



    • Stingas 13 selected from 13 div 1 and 13 div 2 players born 2009 and 2010

    • Stingas 15 selected from 15 div 1 and 15 div 2 born 2007 and 2008

    • Stingas 17 selected from age eligible players not selected in TNL born 2005 and 2006

    • TNL players are excluded from applying



    • Players must register prior to attending trials via the online application or forward copy of registration form to the STNA office by close of registration date.

    • Up to 16 players will be selected per squad

    • Selections for the squads will be held on Wednesday 9th February 2022

    • Stingas 13, 15, 17 trials: 6:00pm – 8:00pm


    Competition  (unless otherwise notified)

    • Stingas 13 play in the 15 & Under Division 1 roster (Saturdays)

    • Stingas 15 play in the 21 & Under Division 1 roster (Wednesdays)

    • Stingas 17 play in the 2nd Grade competition (Stingas games on Thursdays)

    • Training is irregular, not weekly like club training

    • Stingas teams are not eligible to play in finals


    Registrations close : Thursday 27th January 2022

    Violet Bennett   Cripps Waratah

    Matilda Lamb   Karana Flames

    Estelle Nicholas   Palena

    Paige Nowland   Cripps Waratah

    Shakoda Oswin   SENA Suns

    Ruby Clark   Cripps Waratah

    Kirra Doyle   Cripps Waratah

    Charli Fitzgerald   Karana Flames

    Ruby  Kaye Cripps Waratah

    Ivy Bresnehan   Cripps Waratah

    Haidie Lovell   Kingston Blues

    Kennedy Williams   Cripps Waratah

    Lindsay Stevanovich   Karana Flames

    Charli Cordwell   Cripps Waratah

    Meila Bromfield   Cripps Waratah

    Sadie Hadcastle   Kingston Blues

    Mia Anderson  Karana Flames

    Aimee Bean  Karana Flames

    Daisy Bennett  Cripps Waratah

    Lucy Booth  Cripps Waratah

    Mel Bremner Palena

    Emily Cooper  Kilburn

    Matilda Kaye  Cripps Waratah

    Mackenzie Graves  Kingston Blues

    Lucy Job  Karana Flames

    Alet Le Grange  Cripps Waratah

    Alyssa Mayne  Palena

    Lily McConnon  Karana Flames

    Sienna Nowland  Karana Flames

    Holly Richardson  Cripps Waratah

    Rianna Scott  Karana Flames

    Caitlin Stevanovich  Karana Flames

    Macy Fooks  Cripps Waratah

    Chloe Commane  Palena

    Mishae Dalco  Cripps Waratah

    Ava Donato  Karana Flames

    Ella Baldwin  Kingston Blues

    Macy Bower  Cripps Waratah

    Jess Clydesdale Karana Flames

    Ella Maw  Palena

    Ebony McGinniss  Karana Flames

    Maya Lamprill  Kingborough Tigers

    Bronte Johnston  Cripps Waratah

    Zoe Ross  Kingston Blues

    Rohini Sharma  Kingston Blues

    Sophie Lowry  Cripps Waratah

    STiNgAs 13s

    STiNgAs 15s

    STiNgAs 17s